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Update by user Sep 08, 2013

Should've done my research on the seller before buying! Check out all the negative feedback on this seller & MALLERIES still lets them sell on their site....2HAUTE2HANDLE used to sell on ebay!


Original review posted by user Sep 07, 2013

I bought what I thought was an authentic Chanel purse & I received a knock off.I was insulted that the *** shop owner from 2HAUTE2HANDLE thought they could slip in a fake purse & I wouldn't know the difference.

Malleries has a 100% authenticity guarantee & they apparently screen shop owners before they are allowed to sell on MALLERIES, however I imagine that once the site manager gets comfortable with the shop owner and a few good transactions from them they slide through the system & get away with selling counterfeit items! I had to contact MALLERIES over 5 TIMES until I had Lauren, the operations manager, finally contact me. She took my complaint very lightly and asked for an authentication from a reputable authenticator. I do not trust online authenticators bc they cannot see or touch the bag physically so I took it to a consignment shop to have them authenticate that my purse was in fact not authentic & I had them write me a formal letter.

I filed a dispute with paypal & it seemed like it was taking forever so at the same time I had my credit card co file a chargeback and I got a provisional credit (still waiting for shop owner to try to dispute that, she typically responded within hours on my paypal dispute, however my credit card company has precedence over paypal....it's been 3 days & she has 10 days to respond). I would be very careful if you are going to buy on this site! The manager didn't do jack for me...the shop owner's shop went from being a recommended seller on the 1st page of "Recommended sellers" to like the 7th...that's all they did, just knock her a few pages! Absolutely ridiculous!!!!!!!!!


Monetary Loss: $1860.

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Well I'm happy that theyre are still good people out there that take the time to warn the rest of us about sites like this They have no problem going out of their way to rob and scam people out of their hard earned money.

Do you're home work ladies. Stick to the top reputable sites..

Houston, Texas, United States #1218988

BEWARE!!!Malleries is a FRAUD!!!

Lost $1000 on what they claimed was a AUTHENTIC CHANEL. It could not have been more fake. It came from Taiwan!!! They are not truthful and have a huge scam going on !

I wrote them and they have nothing to say . They passed along an "authenticity " expert I could use for my purse that they use . If i pay them more money they can authentisize this fake purse for me. The leather was CARDBOARD it was a joke!

Do NOT BUY FROM TBQ OR MALLERIES.I'm still shocked at how a company like this can get away with this

Roanoke, Virginia, United States #1178914

will not do business with mallaries again...Had my daughter order earrings for her mother...

Ugly, the seller "French Maison" gave three days to return...SOL after that...Do not buy from Mallaries or their subs

Vancouver, Washington, United States #1159143

Poshmark user @lina_vasilyuk is yuck! She sold used undergarment as NWOT and had buyers remorse on item, leaving bad comment asking for refund. SELLER BEWARE.


Same thing happened to me. My complaint was taken lightly and manager never got back t o me

Woodbridge, Virginia, United States #959434

Thanks for the post. I almost purchased a LV bag, after what happened to you I will never purchase any bag from Malleries.

to Littlefeat Naperville, Illinois, United States #960839

Good for you! I am glad this has helped!

Attorneys At Law
Hopkinsville, Kentucky, United States #957260

Once you receive the correct IP address associated with the post, you can identify and issue a subpoena to the service provider that assigned the IP address, in order to reveal the identity of the subscriber.

identify these anonymous Pissed Consumer posters (including former employees, competitors, and customers), name them as defendants in lawsuits, and obtain court orders by agreement or default judgment.

to Attorneys At Law #1239041

Hi attorney at law i have a question for you well actually questions.

#1 How would you possibly find someone who would be using anonymizing software who's going through tens of thousands of ISP addresses and other techno wizardry?

#2 How would you prove that an exact person was using said connection even if no techno wizardry was involved?

#3 What if it's a public Wi-Fi connection?How would you prove that?

#4 How incredibly expensive it would be to actually track down said offender?

#5 Lawyers and all paperwork involved are already horribly expensive as it is.

#6 Burden of proof. #7 Someone voted up a post i don't like. Oh wait someone voted down a post i didn't like. My feelings are hurt can you use your expertise to hunt them down for me?

We'll make millions!!! Uh oh i can't afford your services. Contingency fee??? #8 Wouldn't there be more money to be made going after the i don't know let's just assume that people are good and honest and 99.9% of these complaints are legitimate.

#9 I'm bored of this and you. Feel free to complain people and don't let people intimidate you.

You all have rights even criminals innocent until proven guilty.Have a lovely day everyone.

Attorneys At Law
Hopkinsville, Kentucky, United States #957255

While Pissed Consumer was not established to seriously damage legitimate businesses, the reality is that it often is exploited by some posters in such a harmful manner.We have used this multi-tiered litigation process to remove these false reviews and limit their impact on our clients’ businesses.

We have had success identifying anonymous persons that post false reviews on Pissed Consumer, naming those individuals in a lawsuit, and obtaining removal of the uniform resource locator (URL) linking to the offending content from search engines.

The typical process involved in identifying these anonymous Pissed Consumer posters is as follows:

√ File a lawsuit where the plaintiff is located;

√ Issue a subpoena to Pissed Consumer in New York requesting identifying information related to each URL where the false or fraudulent information appears;

√ Pissed Consumer will then notify its poster their identity is being sought, and give them approximately 20 days to respond; Pissed Consumer will produce the information related to each post (which typically consists of an Internet Protocol, or IP, address from which the post originated). √ How to Deal with False and Damaging Pissed Consumer Posts A common scenario involves a former employee becoming aware of a single negative experience by a customer.

The former employee will use that experience to seemingly validate their false review, and he or she will publish varying accounts of that...

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