I purchased a LV Cabas Mezzo ($399) Guaranteed Authentic, received the bag (unknowingly bought from Japan), at first glance seemed nice, felt fairly good, until I started to exam the details. The "brass" hardware was pitted and was not the typical patina that you see with real brass. I contacted a girlfriend who has the same bag. I sent her photos, and she sent me hers....Notice the details of the handle hardware.I am no expert,,,but this was pretty obvious.

The worst part, Malleries has done nothing to support me/my purchase. I've sent messages, because there is no phone number. Who runs this business? I had to mail it back at my expense of $52. I am waiting to see if I get a refund, and then hope that Paypal will do something about the shipping costs. I would have NEVER purchased this if I had known it was coming from Japan.

Pictures attached, the one on the left is the bag I received.

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I have that cabas mezzo bag & it has the same hardware as the one you sent back..I bought mine at LV in 2001...the hardware style on it changed over the years, so depending on what year yours was made, it's likely that it was actually authentic.

The hardware tarnish and peeling is unfortunately pretty common in older LV bags that have a lot of use. It's happened to a lot of mine.


You have returned a good, authentic LV bag at a great bargain price because of your paranoia. It doesn't matter where it comes from, a real LV is a real LV. Period!

And for the person that said both bags are fake, you are a fake yourself.

to Anonymous #1161418

Anyone can see the hardware is not Authentic for the luxury designer. Keep fighting to get your money back and even report to police


You realize both bags are authentic right..


ACTUALLY...... They are BOTH fakes!

The zipper and hardware lack the correct identifiers. In both pictures.

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