ad SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Should've done my research on the seller before buying! Check out all the negative feedback on this seller & MALLERIES still lets them sell on their site....2HAUTE2HANDLE used to sell on ebay!

Original review posted by user Sep 07, 2013

I bought what I thought was an authentic Chanel purse & I received a knock off.I was insulted that the *** shop owner from 2HAUTE2HANDLE thought they could slip in a fake purse & I wouldn't know the difference.

Malleries has a 100% authenticity guarantee & they apparently screen shop owners before they are allowed to sell on MALLERIES, however I imagine that once the site manager gets comfortable with the shop owner and a few good transactions from them they slide through the system & get away with selling counterfeit items! I had to contact MALLERIES over 5 TIMES until I had Lauren, the operations manager, finally contact me. She took my complaint very lightly and asked for an authentication from a reputable authenticator. I do not trust online authenticators bc they cannot see or touch the bag physically so I took it to a consignment shop to have them authenticate that my purse was in fact not authentic & I had them write me a formal letter.

I filed a dispute with paypal & it seemed like it was taking forever so at the same time I had my credit card co file a chargeback and I got a provisional credit (still waiting for shop owner to try to dispute that, she typically responded within hours on my paypal dispute, however my credit card company has precedence over's been 3 days & she has 10 days to respond). I would be very careful if you are going to buy on this site! The manager didn't do jack for me...the shop owner's shop went from being a recommended seller on the 1st page of "Recommended sellers" to like the 7th...that's all they did, just knock her a few pages! Absolutely ridiculous!!!!!!!!!


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Oct 30, 2014

I would never buy from Malleries again. I bought a vintage Chanel earring for $185 and it came in a cheap box wrapped in a Kleenex. The seller was Top vintage. It looked totally fake to me coz i have 1 piece that is real so I know. I wasted my money. Never again!

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Nov 01, 2014

I posted this complaint almost a year ago and I am glad I did because Malleries is a complete rip off!

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Sep 24, 2014 Calgary, Alberta

if you want a reputable site to buy from and put on layaway go to
They are amazing. I bought from them over 10 times now and i have no complaints. they might be a bit more expensive but it's worth it. No office but Malleries to me just looks like a cheap knockoff site in the way they present themselves. I'm not surprised this happens.

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Aug 09, 2014

Just saw a lv sully on malleries by Pursonality that has a date code if 0194 duhhhh!!!!!! Sept of 2014????!!!!!!!oh, made in France of course. Stay away. You can trust Yoogis.

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Sep 02, 2014

Your date 0194 means the 9th week in the year 2014. Do your homework!

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Jul 24, 2014 Jacksonville, Florida

I was on the Malleries site looking at a Chanel Bag this morning.
Because they do offer layaway.
I was going to show the site to a co-worker
She wants a LV bag .
But when I read what happened to you I decided not buy I work to hard for my money.. I decided not to shop at this site
Thank you for your post it !I would have very upset if I got a fake I don't think you can sell fake bags Chanel or Louis Vuitton will Not be happy they will close the site a branding thing

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Jul 25, 2014 Chicago, Illinois

Yes please don't!!!!!! Save yourself the grief of losing money!!! Please do not buy here!!!!!!!

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Jul 11, 2014

Sorry you had problems with Malleries but I do not understand why you do not trust an expert authentication site to authenticate your purse but you do trust a consignment store owner/operator. Authentication sites have trained experienced authenticators - A consignment store operator would not have the experience needed to authenticate. Your logic does not make sense.

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Jul 15, 2014 New Baden, Illinois

Don't be sorry! Your logic doesn't make sense so find something better to do.

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Aug 06, 2014

I beg to differ I have a consignment store' and I can assure you I can spot a fake almost immediatly if you have experience in looking at 100s of bags every week you do learn what to look for and in 6 years I have never been wrong,shop people only tend to know the brands they sell and at that mostly current styles not discontinued items.
I would never confirm a bag to be genuine by a photograph only once inspected.

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Only caught once

Jul 07, 2014

I also was also sent a fake LV handbag in 2011. It's best to save up than buy second hand goods. There is always a few 'fakes' in the owners shop.

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Jul 02, 2014 Tucson, Arizona

I had a horrible experience w malleries as well, all the they do is take ur money. Worse customer service as well... live and learn, never again!!!

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Jun 26, 2014

Thanks for the helpful info. I was just considering buying something.

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Jun 09, 2014

Hey guys! I had a bad experienced from Mallaries too. The consignment is NinaFur. I have returned the item and now it has been 2 months never got the refund. Please don't buy from this site.

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Jun 05, 2014

I just bought a fake Louis Vuitton from malleries! It's a scam! Don't buy from this website!

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Jun 05, 2014

Can you link to the bag you just bought?

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Jun 05, 2014

Dear "Anonymous" Please provide your order number, the name of the item, the seller so we can look into your claim. Since you just purchased the item please also include a link to the item you purchased.

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Jun 26, 2014

Malleries doesn't care - stop pretending you're going to do anything about it!

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Jun 05, 2014 Charlotte, North Carolina

Let me say this, I bought 2 Items back in 2009 from Malleries and was delighted. I took the Louis Vuitton to the boutique and confirmed it was indeed authentic. The other item was Chloe bag. I am noticing, however, the quality of the sellers has diminished quite a bit. I'm noticing the descriptions of the bags seem to be poorly written, which bothers me as far as the reliability of the sellers. I've decided to pass on purchasing any more items based on what I'm reading here.

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